Cisco Nexus Advanced configuration

Cisco Nexus product portfolio with NX-OS operating system is one of the most important new product innovations that the company has been done in recent years. This product portfolio is targeted to one of the fastest growing areas in tele-/datacommunications networks – the Datacenters. Ranging from Cisco Nexus 7000 backbone switch to Cisco Nexus 1000V virtualized software switches, these products fulfill all the demands regarding datacenter switching both on LAN and SAN side.

The purpose of this course is to go through the newer and more advanced properties of Cisco Nexus devices and NX-OS operating system. Most of the theory sections are practiced in real-life in laboratory environment.

Course Goal: The goal of this course is to offer practical hands-on view of the advanced configuration features of Cisco Nexus product portfolio.

Course Type: Lectures and laboratory exercises

Course Language: Lectures and materials are in English

Sertificate: Cisco Data Center Infrastructure Support Specialist


Removing the Spanning-Tree – Cisco FabricPath

  • L2 redundancy perspective
  • STP -> vPC -> FabricPath
  • Trill and Shortest Path Bridging – basics and operations
  • FabricPath  - a kind of Trill
  • FabricPath configuration guidelines
  • Advance FabricPath configuration
  • Basic troubleshooting of FabricPath

Configuring security on NX-OS

  • Access security
  • Using ACLs
  • Configuring L2 security features
  • Control Plane Policing
  • Other fundamental security mechanisms
  • Cisco TrustSec – an overview

Interconnecting Data Centers

  • L2 and L3 interconnections
  • Traditional interconnection models
  • Using VPLS and A-VPLS as the interconnection model
  • Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)
  • Basic OTV configuration
  • Advanced OTV configuration
  • Basic OTV troubleshooting

Configuring traditional SAN with Cisco NX-OS

  • Overview of traditional FC networks
  • FC network operations
  • Configuring domain parameters and NPV/NPIV
  • Virtual SAN, VSAN trunking
  • Configuring and managing zones
  • Other basic FC configurations

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

  • FCoE basics
  • FCoE Initialization Protocol (FIP)
  • Multi-hop FIP
  • Configuring FCoE on NX-OS
  • Data Center Bridging extensions (DCB)
  • FCoE deployment models
  • Basic FCoE troubleshooting

Quality of Service with NX-OS

  • Available QoS models
  • Modular QoS CLI (MQC) with NX-OS
  • Configuring QoS
  • QoS with Nexus 7000 F1 card
  • Monitoring QoS statistics
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