Cisco ACI installation & configuration

This course is intended as an introduction to ACI for network personnel. Previous knowledge about ACI is not needed, but however, attendees should be familiar with traditional networking and data center networks. The course goes through all the relevant components and concepts of Cisco ACI. It also contains multiple hands-on-labs in a simulated ACI environment.

Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) is Cisco's answer to the ever increasing need to build and operate policy-based networks. It is an innovative architecture using SDN (Software Defined Networks) concepts to simplify, accelerate and optimize application deployment lifecycle.

ACI is build around two main components. One is Nexus 9000 hardware that forms the underlying network. It is used to build a Clos network that provides high capacity and low latency for data. The network can be amended with different service components like firewall or load-balancer. All control of the network is done via APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller). APIC is programmed with application network policies that guide, how an application is treated in the network.


ACI overview

  • What is Cisco ACI?
  • What is policy?
  • Differences in policy vs. traditional networking model

         - Component relations

         - Multitenancy

  • Using applications in policy model

ACI Fabric Components

  • Overview of the components
  • Nexus 9300 switches
  • Nexus 9500 switches and components
  • Optics and connections


ACI Fabric Functionality

  • Core components - spine and leaf

           - frame, VTEP, forwarding rules, gateway types

  • ACI fabric forwarding

          - distributed gateway functionality

          - hardware-based ARP forwarding

          - unicast forwarding

          - endpoint learning

          - multicast forwarding

  • ACI key concepts

          - tenant, VRF, bridge domain, EPG, ANP, contracts, filters


Controlling ACI - APIC

  • What is APIC?
  • APIC and ACI basic setup
  • Basic configuration tasks

            - interfaces

            - tenant(s), VRFs, bridge domains, subnets

            - endpoints and endpoint groups, application network profiles

            - filters/contracts and taboos

Managing ACI Environment

  • Management connections
  • User types
  • Secure domains
  • ACI software management
  • Health score
  • Events, logs and diagnostics

Connecting ACI to the World

  • General issues of connections
  • Connecting external networks

          - L2 connection to external network

          - L3 connection to external network

  • Providing L4-L7 services to the ACI fabric


Integrating ACI with Hypervisors

  • General perspective of the integration
  • ACI and VMware
  • ACI and Microsoft
  • ACI and OpenStack
  • Cisco AVS
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