Training Services

Elisa Santa Monica Oy is Finland’s largest provider of training on secure data networks. Our customers benefit from the largest course selection and the various learning options. Our customers value our training products. The length of the courses is appropriate (usually 2-3 days), they are full of real-world exercises carried out in an environment corresponding to actual work conditions, and the content is specifically developed for Finnish needs. Most of our courses include laboratory work.

Our instructors are experienced experts and consultants in the field who always have access to the most up to date information in the subject area.

Normally, we offer training courses in Finnish, but, if required, they can also be offered in English.

Public Training

As a rule, our open-to-all courses are held in Espoo. We also arrange public courses in other cities if there are at least 4 participants.  

If you would like more information on courses arranged in other parts of Finland, please contact Courses in Espoo are held at Elisa Santa Monica Oy’s premises in Derby Business Park. During the courses, participants can park in the spaces reserved for guests free of charge. We also provide a discount code for accommodation at Hotel GLO for those who come from further away. The hotel is about 1.5 km from our office. Course days start at 9 am and end about 4 pm. During course days, we offer participants breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee.

We recommend open-to-all courses when the number of participants is between 1-5.

Customized Training

The business objective of SantaCare Training Services is to always offer
up-to-date courses of real value to customers. All our courses can also be tailored to specific customer needs, which ensures the inclusion of subject areas relevant to the customer’s business and level of technical expertise. This guarantees a high level of learning and efficiency of the investment. Customization also enables the use of customer-chosen equipment on the course.  We recommend customized courses when the number of participants is more than 5 people.  

Customized courses can be arranged at our premises, or yours.

Training Credits

Training credits – only one purchase at the best price. You don't have to go throught the acceptance process for individual courses and get more time to plan course content when purchasing equipment. Volume-based pricing also makes them the most affordable option. Training credist will be invoiced after ordering and they are valid for one year.

The value of one training credit equals one public course day per person, and 5 credits equal one customized course day. Training vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be used for all Elisa Santa Monica Oy courses, excluding those provided by partners. 

Minimum package of training credits is 12 pieces. Customer can choose the amount of credits based on the needs for trainings or the budget. The amount can be different than shown below, for example 20 pieces (price 20 * 690€).


Description Normal price Credit price Saving €
Normal price for a training day 850 €    
Training credits 12 pcs 10 200 € 9180 € 1020 €
Training credits 24 pcs 20 400 € 17 952 € 2448 €
Training credits 36 pcs 30 600 € 26 010 € 4590 €
Training credits 50 pcs 42 500 € 34 000 € 8500 €